Lumbre is a small family business which creates artisan paella. My passion for paella was born when I began dating my wife upon returning home from military service.  She invited me to a Sunday meal at her parents home and that is when Lumbre began.  

The first thing I noticed, when greeting her father, was the large flat metal pan he was holding by the two handles.  Kindly, but with a rather serious tone, he told me he was cooking Paella and I would help. That day, I was unknowingly recruited to carry on the custom of the paella making and all the excitement that comes with this ancient meal.            

As the fire began to light under the pan, my wife casually spoke of her mother's family and paella  She told me the history of her Grandparents immigrating to America from, Barcelona and Priego, Spain.  In keeping with tradition, her grandfather would cook paella, over a fire, for the whole family on Sundays. Gathering around the paella was a way to socialize with relatives, enjoy the fire, being outdoors and Spain's national dish.

 I fell in love with two things that day, my future wife and her family's paella.  The paella's I serve today are artistic expressions of my love for family, a passion for paella and sustainable farming practices.